Energy Efficiency

PEX Plumbing Systems

With superior heat retention over copper piping, our PEX plumbing systems ensure optimum energy efficiency. The use of PEX plumbing systems in each new home we build*, helps to ensure that your home’s water supply lines are free of toxins, lead, and other harmful substances. Additionally, PEX plumbing systems do not require the use of flux or chemical adhesives at connection points. Far superior to the copper piping used by other builders, PEX provides quiet operations, and eliminates ‘water hammer’ prevalent in rigid piping systems. PEX piping is also freeze resistant, and can expand up to 300% of its original size without damage.

*Per applicable code restrictions


Tankless* Gas Water Heaters

Enjoy endless hot water, and up to 40% energy savings with our standard†, tankless water heaters. Our units are designed to be highly efficient, heating water only when it is needed - a revolutionary advantage over traditional tank-style water heaters.

*Effective on new construction after 5/30/2011. †Not applicable to all-electric communities.
†† Actual brand/design may vary. Consult community manager for full details.


Radiant Barrier Roof Decking

First Texas Homes’ standard radiant barrier roof decking* can prevent up to 97% of the Sun’s radiant heat from entering your attic space. This can result in attic temperature reductions of up to 30 degrees. Because your A/C equipment and ductwork stay cooler, it’s easier, and less costly, to maintain comfortable temperatures in your new home.

*Effective on all homes built after Nov. 30, 2009


R-38 Blown Insulation

First Texas Homes utilizes above-standard insulation values in every home we build. R-38* insulation is blown into each of our attic spaces to reduce the amount of exterior temperature transfer into your living areas. Blow-in insulation helps to ensure that hard-to-reach areas are properly insulated. Professionally installed R-22 batt insulation is utilized in ‘closed’ attic spaces such as vaulted ceilings.

*Effective on all homes built after Nov. 30, 2009


High Efficiency Furnaces

First Texas Homes utilizes Low NOX, high efficiency gas furnaces. Ductwork, which supplies conditioned air throughout the home, is mastic-sealed at the air handler and register locations to help eliminate loss, and to ensure efficient operation. ***Manufacturer may vary. See Sales Counselor for details.***


Super-efficient, Low-E, double-paned, insulated, vinyl* windows

Not only do our super-efficient windows help to keep your energy costs and usage down, the double-paned, insulated, Low-E glass, also helps to protect your new finishes and your furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause fading and degradation to textile products. The vinyl window frames substantially reduce heat and cold transfer, and help to prevent moisture accumulation and sweating during seasonal temperature changes.

*Effective on all homes built after Nov. 30, 2009


Digital Programmable Thermostats

Digital programmable thermostat(s)* allows users to program indoor temperatures according to days of the week and time of day. Wi-Fi connectivity** allows users to control energy consumption from anywhere in the world, with the use of a smart phone, tablet, or computer. With a bit of programming, the energy used to heat and cool your home could be reduced by up to 33%.

*Actual brand/design may vary.  **Effective on all homes with HVAC trim after 10/1/2012.

Energy-Seal on all infiltration areas

The majority of air leaks in the ‘thermal envelope’ of a home exist in areas around windows, doors, and mechanical system penetrations. First Texas Homes uses a high-tech, expanding sealant on all infiltration areas to substantially decrease the heat and air loss in your new home.


16 SEER HVAC Systems

First Texas Homes is proud to be the first builder in our class to install up to 16 SEER HVAC systems standard in every** home.

Our cooling systems use state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly, non ozone-depleting, 410A refrigerant, and come with a 10 year limited manufacturer parts warranty.

* *Up to 16 SEER effective on all homes started after 7/1/2014. Features may vary in all-electric communities or where heat pumps are utilized. SEER Ratings represent the combined-equipment HVAC efficiency rating as certified by the Air conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Institute. ***Manufacturer may vary. See Sales Counselor for details.***